Videos have become an important asset in the arsenal of all those involved in marketing. New media tools are becoming more and more important and marketing is steadily shifting from its traditional ways. Video marketing is now seen as an affordable and easy to use method that offers unparalleled reach. It is due to this fact that 2015 has been called the “Year of Video Marketing.” Companies all over the world have seen its potential and decided to take advantage of it, by launching promotional videos and other advertising videos.

Video production has long ceased to be one of the obscure and dark arts where entire teams of professionals had to be employed in order to generate several minutes of content. Nowadays, a professional team with the right camera and great editing skills is able to create videos capable of delivering a message and perhaps even becoming viral. The industry is continuously changing and companies are forced to keep the pace and change alongside them. Videos are everywhere and their use in business will keep on growing. People are spending long hours on Youtube every day, marking the platform as a perfect domain for promoting one’s business, products or services.

However, just using videos is not enough. We live in a world where people are bombarded with thousands of information every day. A good video, fit for your company, must not only be creative, but also memorable. It must stand out from the barrage of information and burry itself in the mind of those who have seen it. This is where our video production agency steps in. Although videos can be created by everyone nowadays, in order to achieve success with video advertising, one must employ the skills of a professional. Video production agencies will first define your target audience, understand exactly to whom you are trying to send the message, assess the budget and create a video accordingly.

Emotions have the most impact when it comes to online purchasing. Logic is put aside when advertising is able to make emotions resonate in our souls. As such, successful video production strategies need to create videos able to tell great stories and make emotional connections. With the help of our video production agency, the end result will be more than just state facts and numbers. It will create a link with customers shaped on an emotional level to ensure the message is not only retained, but also understood.

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In addition, with an efficient video production agency, you will be able to utilize ads that will allow you to engage directly with potential customers. This will turn the customers into the focus, make them feel important and understand the company is trying to craft a relationship with them. As such, they will be more likely to share the content and create pathways between the company and their social circles.

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The rules of Marketing are constantly changing, with technological developments leaving an important imprint on strategies. Whereas decades ago companies all over the world were still sticking with the traditional means of marketing, the appearance of the internet and the development of social media have changed the rules. Nowadays, new media is used extensively for marketing and promotional purposes.

2015 was dubbed as “The Year of Video Marketing,” as businesses worldwide used their creativity and experience in the domain to come up with new and innovative ways to incorporate videos in their strategies. In a world where consumers are bombarded with thousands of pieces of information every day, standing out is a must. Videos can be used to attract attention, hook the viewer from the first moment and present an overview of a product or service. Moreover, an appealing and visually pleasing video, can offer a potential client all the information they need to know in a few minutes.

More and more people are using the internet and platforms such as Youtube to satisfy their need for information. Due to busy schedules and fatigue, it has become easier to watch a video, instead of reading an article. As such, it is no surprise that video marketing is the future of content marketing. Several studies have already shown that more than half of the international companies are already making use of this medium, and the number will keep rising. What is the reason for this rise? Potential. Video marketing has unlimited potential. Its reach is peerless. Every month more than one billion people visit Youtube. Quality content turns viral sometimes in a span of mere minutes. Creative campaigns have managed to win no less than a hundred million views.

What’s more, video marketing offers engagement. Viewers engage with one another and the companies have the chance to engage with them directly. In return, loyalty will rise, content will be shared with friends or family, and the viewers of these videos will start spending time on a company’s social media page or website.

Moreover, as opposed to traditional means of advertising, online video marketing is accessible and affordable for small businesses as well. Production costs have decreased in past years and nowadays, with access to computers and video editing software, even casual users can create something that will attract interest. Applications like Twitter and Vine have definitely added to the potential of videos, showing not only individuals, but also companies how easy it is to create virality if the content is right.

However, in order to achieve success with video marketing, several key factors must be taken into account. A well-defined target audience is a must have. The message of the video has to be an appropriate one, otherwise it will not be received. Moreover, social media works hand in hand with video marketing, helping your content attain greater reach. Last, creativity is the key. Used not only in the video itself, but also in the campaign built around it in order to assure your success.

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